The Food Brie Cooked and Baked

A record of every food cooked or baked in my kitchen in 2010

56. hamburgers with herb butter and baked sweet potato sticks

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Recipe source: How to Grill by Steven Raichlen, for the burgers, and, for the sweet potato sticks

BP is my grill guy, and the burgers were his project. He did a great job. They had good flavor, and they were done just perfect. The slice of pancetta and white cheddar cheese really finished it off well. Nice job, BP.

The baked sweet potato sticks were good (although, I love almost anything with sweet potatoes), but I could have left them in the oven longer so they would have been crispier. However, we had guests for supper and I didn’t want to keep them waiting.

I should mention that my mom also contributed to this meal. (She was one of the supper guests.) BP loves her scalloped pineapple, and he requested it when she asked if she could bring anything. It was especially delicious this time, and we all enjoyed that.

hamburger and fries

hamburgers with herb butter and sweet potato sticks


Written by louise914

May 8, 2010 at 3:52 pm

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