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A record of every food cooked or baked in my kitchen in 2010

54. reuben quiche

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Recipe source: Simple & Delicious, March/April 2010

Aside from the fight I had with my food processor after finely crushing crackers for the quiche crust, this quiche turned out really well. Both BP and I enjoyed it, and it was tasty enough that we’re looking forward to leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

So, the food processor fight. I have an old machine that was stashed away in a cupboard at my dad’s house until I went looking for it.

It frustrates me. The locking mechanism on the lid is hard to turn, and I feel like I’m going to crack the plastic right off every time I use it. This evening, in addition to that fight, I couldn’t even get the lid off of the bowl once I removed it from the base. Luckily, I could easily remove the cover from the pour spout and get the crackers out that way (while pouring them out, the blade slid off its base and was rolling around in the bowl while I was trying to pour – awesome).

I ended up waiting until BP got home to fix it. He used his big strong man muscles to take the lid off, and although he probably wouldn’t admit it, it looked like he was having difficulty, too.


reuben quiche right out of the oven


reuben quiche - an inside view


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April 23, 2010 at 6:56 pm

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