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A record of every food cooked or baked in my kitchen in 2010

Home-Cooked 2010

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Six-plus years ago, I got married with practically zero cooking skills. A normal weekly meal plan consisted of spaghetti, frozen pizza and pizza delivery, take-out and maybe a pot roast — and as many dinner invitations elsewhere as BP and I could manage to get.

After more than a year of that, I decided I couldn’t live the rest of my life on that kind of diet. I bought Rachael Ray’s Express Lane meals cookbook and started on page one. If I didn’t know what an ingredient was or what the instructions meant, I researched it online or in my trusty Betty Crocker cookbook. (I even consulted Betty on how to bake a potato and scramble eggs.)

At first, “30-minute meals” were more like 120-minute meals, and grocery trips took a really long time. But slowly, I got quicker in the kitchen (and in the grocery store) and we started eating at home more often than we were eating out. Our grocery bags started coming home with less and less frozen, prepackaged foods and more and more fresh ingredients. Now, a trip to the store rarely includes anything frozen.

Most importantly, I’ve learned that cooking is fun. It’s fun to try new foods and discover new likes (and dislikes). Sure, I’ve put a lot of work into some dishes that turned out terrible, but that’s when you fall back on the pizza delivery guy. However, I’ve ended up with a lot more dishes that BP and I were more than happy to have tried.

Through this blog, I’ll post photos of each and every food that is cooked or baked in my kitchen in 2010, in the hopes that it will inspire you to cook at home, too!

When you cook at home, you develop a lifelong skill that will save you money, gain you admiration from your spouse, make you healthier (unless you only cook Paula Deen recipes, which are delicious but not always the healthiest choice) and give you plenty of opportunity to spend time with friends and family (who else are you going to experiment on?).


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December 29, 2009 at 4:48 pm

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